The Fosamax Class Action Lawsuit Center offers exhaustive information about Fosamax and the harms it causes users… and legal options for those harmed.

Fosamax Class Action Center

If you’ve taken Fosamax and have experienced jaw problems or suffered a femur fracture, you might be entitled to compensation from Merck for your injuries. You’ll need to make a claim, however—and your time to do so is not unlimited. Call us now to speak to a lawyer immediately, at no cost or risk. Our lawyers will determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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Call the Rottenstein Law Group, and speak to someone right now about what RLG can do for you. For free. There is absolutely no charge for this initial consultation, and you’ll have no obligation to hire RLG to represent you. If you do want RLG to stand up for you, we’ll send you a retainer agreement.

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You’ve probably heard about a no-fee-until-you-win arrangement. It’s simple, and you’ll get it here. Only when you recover money to compensate you will you pay RLG.


If you win money (either through settlement or an award after trial), what you’ll pay RLG will come out of the amount to be paid to you by the defendant. The rest goes to you.

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Although you might have arrived here because you were looking for information about a Fosamax class action, you might not actually want to join a class action. What you might want instead is to bring an individual action—demanding compensation for your particular injuries—represented by a firm that handles many such cases, and therefore knows about Fosamax and femur fractures.

People often use the term “class action” casually, even if it’s not what they really mean. A “class action” is a court case in which a large number of people join together to sue another person or company, or in which a large group of people or companies are being sued. While a class action can be an efficient way to deal with a large number of similar complaints in some kinds of cases (like those involving stock fraud or phone bill overcharges, for instance), a class action in a defective consumer product context can result in inadequate relief for those actually harmed by the product. It’s unlikely that a class action against a drug manufacturer would get victims adequate compensation for monetary losses suffered, not to mention pain and suffering.

And there’s no guarantee that a class action will even be allowed to proceed, in fact. The formation of a class requires clearing numerous procedural hurdles, all of which can take a substantial amount of time, none of which apply to an individual action—which in most cases can be started very quickly. Call RLG today to discuss bringing an individual action to demand full compensation for yourself, for the harms Fosamax caused you.

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